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Experience the best VIP bottle service in Kentucky

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VIP Table Request

Please note this is a table REQUEST. Your reservation is NOT confirmed until our staff has reached out and received a deposit. 

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clubhouse VIP FAQ

How much are tables?

The price varies from table to table. They are listed next to the table options in the Table Request form. 

The price is a minimum amount to be spent by the table, not a price for the table its self. 

How do I reserve a VIP table?

On the form above or you can text us #VIP at 859-407-7225

My card got charged twice?

When we preauthorize a card for your table, a duplicate charge will show on your account as "pending". This charge will not go through but will temporarily withdraw money from a checking account until it is returned after several business days. We strongly advise using a credit card for this reason.

Do we have to wait in line?

No, if you have a table or are part of a group with a table, you will enter through the front door VIP entrance behind the mainstage inside and skip any line. 

What tables do you have available?

We have two options:


- Three 8 person booths on our mezzanine watch deck that overlook the dance floor

- Three 25 person sections on the dance floor directly stage left and right.. 

What is the price?

The price is subject to change based on day, event, and availability. Typically our two options are:

Mezzanine balcony (8 people) - $300, includes choice of one bottle 

Premium Dance Floor (25 people = $750, includes choice of three bottles

**Upcharge for certain bottle selections & based on availability**

Can multiple people pay for the same table?

Yes, multiple people can pay toward the cost of the minimum spend but we will need to keep a single card on file to charge any difference at the end of the night

Does my group have to show up at once?

No, your group can show up separately as long as they know your information. They will be given the appropriate wristband at the VIP entrance

What does my $ get me?

Your total spend gets you a reserved space for your group as well as the bottles that are included. We are happy to provide more than the quantity included in the pricing, we would then charge based on what individual bottle was selected. For a list of our bottle pricing, please scroll up. 

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