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clubhouse is more than a bar, we're your family,


clubhouse communities you can join

Txt #concerts to

If you've been waiting for great live shows in Lexington this group is for you! Not only will we text you exclusive updates about upcoming shows FIRST but this community will act as our focus group for artists, show dates, and more! 

Txt #VIP to

clubhouse is Lexington's premier destination for VIP bottle service. By joining our VIP community, you will receive first dibs on tables  for upcoming events and concerts.

Txt #inspiration to

Need a little pick me up every now and again?  We've got your back. We'll be sending you random words of encouragement because... well, why not?

Txt #gamenights to

Put your money where your mouth is. This group is for the serious front yard ATHLETES. We'll send you info on how to register for our weekly, monthly, and semester long march madness style drinking game leagues and tournaments. 


Grand prize winners weekly!

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